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Getting Around Florence

GoFlorence.it suggests you an easy and fast way to get around Florence. Given its historic character, the city center is not projected for the modern traffic. The tourist interest area coincides with the Limited Traffic Zone, a restricted traffic area. That’s why we suggest to use the Florence transportation system if you don’t know how to move around Florence.

Florence Bus

Florence Bus

Bus stops have clear labels of the routes and are provided by ATAF. Tickets must be bought in advance from kiosks, tobacconists and bars. There are electric mini buses A,B,C and D that run in the historic centre of Florence, you can take number 7 for Fiesole and 10 to Settignano for tourist attractions.

Florence Taxi

Florence Taxi

You can easily find a taxi in different points of the city. There are two different companies that provide the taxi service: Socota and Radio taxi. The fees change a little.

Florence foot

Florence on foot

Exploring Florence on foot is the best way to visit all that the city has to offer.
Is not so big and is more designed for foot traffic, in fact there are many areas inside the historic centre that allow only pedestrians.


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