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Florence Restaurants

The unforgettable “Fiorentina” is the first thing that comes to mind thinking about restaurants in Florence, but this city has one of the most versatile Italian cooking traditions and you can eat with very affordable prices.
Florentine recipes may seem simple and rustic but you’ll find that all the ingredients compliment each other in a delightful balance. Using fresh ingredients and vegetables the true flavor of the food always shines in Florentine dishes.

Florence Restaurants

What and where to eat in Florence

In Florence you’ll find restaurants that suit every palate and budget. From the very classical places, still using ancient recipes and resolutely devoted to traditions, to the most modern restaurants that mix international ingredients to the local ones creating amazing combinations.
Consulting our guide to Florence restaurants you’ll find that in the historical centre are located several Michelin starred bistros run by illustrious chefs, the prices are usually high there but it is a truly extraordinary experience to do.
For a quick lunch or dinner you can always choose a “trattoria” or “osteria” testing the Florence’s cuisine masterpieces such as the unsalted bread, the “pappa al pomodoro” (bread and tomato soup) and the delicious grilled meat, all accompanied by the fantastic Chianti wine.

Il Micio
Via Frà Bartolommeo, 52 R
+39 055 573257
Trattoria del Carmine
Piazza del Carmine, 18r
50124 Florence
+39 055.218601
Via delle Oche, 15r
50100 Florence
+39 055.2302153

Il Cantinone
Via Santo Spirito, 6r
50100 Florence
+39 055.218898
Trattoria il Giova
Via Borgo La Croce, 73r
50100 Florence
+39 055.2480639
Ristorante alle Murate
Via del Proconsolo, 16r
50122 Florence
+39 055.240618

I Quattro Leoni
Via Vellutini, 1r
50125 Florence
+39 055.218562
Via Monte alle Croci 10r
50100 Florence
+39 055.2342483
L'Erta del Mangia
Giardino di San Francesco
Fiesole - Florence

Ristorante Ricchi
Piazza Santo Spirito 8/9r
50100 Florence
+39 055.215864
Il Garga
Via delle Belle Donne, 3
50123 Florence
+39 055.211396
Antico Fattore
Via Lambertesca, 1/3r
50100 Florence
+39 055.288975

Hostaria del Bricco
Via San Niccolò 8r
50100 Florence
+39 055.2345037
Ristorante Natalino
Borgo Degli Albizi 17r
50100 Florence
+39 055.289404
Il Porcospino
Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini 11/12r
50123 Florence
+39 055.217700

Hostaria da Ganino
Piazza Cimatori, 4r
50100 Florence
+39 055.214125
La Giostra
Via Borgo Pinti, 12r
50121 Florence
+39 055.241341
Trattoria Ponte Vecchio
Lungarno Archibusieri 8/r
50100 Florence
+39 055.292289


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